Saturday, February 19, 2011

Words And Sentences

You know, looking at all the activities I do in school, I'm pretty much the pinnacle of nerdiness. I'm captain of the Quiz Bowl team, I'm a lawyer in Mock Trials, I'm doing the Math Club activities this year, I do technical stuff in Drama Club, and all my varsity medals are either from band, Quiz Bowl, or academics. Also, I own a pin that says "Alpha Nerd," for what it's worth.

The snow is melting outside! The sun has been shining! The days are getting longer! ...And there's a snow storm headed my way...arggg. Hey, at least the worst of winter is over!

So...I've had so much Pepsi Max today I'm actually enjoying, craving water. I need to cut back on that stuff. I don't know if you know, but that's my one vice...


That Blond Guy said...

Quizbowl? Like Academic Team? I'm on the Academic Team, and I love it despite it's super-nerdiness.

"ALL of your Varsity letters?" How many letters are we talking, exactly?

Anyway, I think any excess of nerdiness you may or may not have in extracurricular activities at school are neutralized by the awesomeness of being in a band. Rock on, man.

Boyd said...

Yeah, I imagine Quiz Bowl is extremely similar to Academic Team. A setup like Jeopardy, right?

I meant to say medals - varsity medals, like for band and stuff. School band, not rock band. I wish they gave out medals for having a rock band...

Bookish.Spazz said...

I'm in Academic Decathalon, which I'm assuming is similar to Quiz Bowl... It's pretty rad.

I found your blog through That Blonde Guy's blog :P

Sarcasmic Ross said...

Being in a rock band more than makes up for nerdiness.

It shows that while you may possess the level of intelligence required to make sport fanatics inclined to insert their feet up your ass, you have balls bigger than the sun.

Eeshie said...

What's wrong with arguing for Mock Trial? That sounds so fun! I'm actually planning on joining one. Any tips? :D

Boyd said...

Oh, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being an uber-nerd, particularly with mock trials.

As for confident, sound like you know what you're doing, and know your part like the back of your hand (or something else you know really well).

Kindros said...

If only you played pen and paper role-playing games, I'd have to inaugurate you into our group. :)

Mandy Thomas said...

I was the defendant in a mock-trial and was found guilty. Haha

I love nerds. They're my favorite kind of boys to date.

Jillian said...

Hey, hey, hey.
While you may appear nerdy to some unenlightened individuals, you're still a rocker which only adds to the underrated awesomeness of being a nerd.

I think the world is comprised of two kinds of people.
Those who are rockstars, and those who aren't.

I know! All of our waist high snow melted, just to be replaced by a little dusting.
Quite acceptable.

I'm a caffeine addict as well :P
What is it about caffeine that makes you need water?