Monday, November 29, 2010

A Christmas Carol

The play went well! Sorta well, anyway. The lights went well every night, with only a few silly mistakes on my part. The hours of working were pretty crazy, but hey, it was for a paycheck, right? Yeah...

The final night, after the show was over, we got our checks. I made...[drumroll]...$30. For six nights of 3-4 hours each. That means I made between $1.25 and $1.67 an hour. I hate to complain about not making enough money, but that's not even enough to pay for the gas driving 40 minutes each way. Well, if I hadn't gotten a ride with Stephen, that is. My biggest complaint is really the fact that I could have been working in my grandparents' shop those nights, and avoided getting in trouble for getting home at 11 P.M. on a school night. least I can say I'm a professional lights technician now, right?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Post

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! I personally have absolutely gorged myself on food today, starting with cinnamon rolls at breakfast and ending with an entire box of Sour Patch Kids at the movies.

I started my day out with a run, in a misguided attempt to be at least a tiny bit healthy today. However, my three cinnamon rolls didn't sit well, and I had to take a walk break about halfway through.

Thanksgiving dinner went well, with my grandparents and uncle coming over. The food was delicious, and sitting around talking after was nice. My uncle brought his guitar over, and we both played a little as well.

After the family left, my mom and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. It's absolutely fantastic, despite being the darkest of them yet. I really liked the camera effects, which really made the movie look realistic. It was actually quite scary at parts, particularly in a scene where a snake leaps out of the screen at you. Everyone in the theater knew it was coming, but it still managed to make the entire crowd jump.

I also liked the symbolism in the movie concerning the Ministry of Magic. When it's taken over by Voldemort's people, there are a lot of connections to WWII Germany. There are soldiers with red arm bands and storm trooper boots, leather trench coats are worn by the "top" bad guys, and there's a campaign against impure muggle blood. It was pretty noticeable, but I don't recall making the connection at all while reading the book.

In other news, I have a temporary job! I'm the professional lights guy for a local community theatre's production of A Christmas Carol. I'm actually being paid, which is awesome. There were two other guys who live in the town of the production that were considered, but I got the job because I actually called the director. They were brought on as backups, but won't actually be running the lights during any of the shows.

Stephen, former drummer of COS, got me the job because he does piano for them. I must admit that it's a bit terrifying working with very serious actors that know their lines and are completely competent. Actually, it's been quite funny at practices: there are all these adults working very hard onstage, and then there are four teens sitting on a balcony in the back goofing around. Don't get me wrong, we've been doing a good job, but we aren't at all as serious as anyone else there.

The premier is tomorrow night, so be sure to watch for an update on how it goes!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Town Happenings

Hey there. I apologize for a lack of posting; there's been a bit of drama in the town I'm in the past week, which has made it kind of un-blogworthy.

The short, summarized version is that a husband and wife were attacked in their home, and stabbed about 20 times each. The husband died saving his wife, who was put in ICU at the local hospital. She is a teacher at the junior high, and every single student in town has her for EMP at some point.

Now, there are three people responsible. The two who broke in, as well as the victims' own daughter. Her and one of the boys were dating, and her parents didn't approve. They plotted the killings over a few weeks' time, and are currently in jail.

I was really good friends with the girl, and I'm still friends with the brother of her boyfriend (the attacker). It's inconceivable that a good friend of mine, someone I had lunch with the day it happened, could have planned something like this. Everyone liked her, and she was very active in many organizations. She was honestly the last person anyone would expect.

So basically, the entire town is still trying to get over what happened. Nothing much has happened around town that isn't related to the stabbing, so there hasn't been much worth writing about.

I'll make sure to have a less dismal post soon!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Murder In The Air

Hello there! I imagine you're all very excited to hear about the play last weekend. Well, let me fill you in!

Thursday was our dress rehearsal, which was kind of alarming to be at. It became apparent we weren't 100% ready for the premier on Friday, especially in the sound/lights department. For example, we didn't test our sounds at all. I finally learned how to do the lights properly, and then discovered I did literally nothing for the entire show. The skits before the main play, however, required very dedicated lighting, because they featured so many different sets and parts of the stage.
On Thursday I also discovered something totally awesome, and terrifying. The director, whom I will refer to as coach because I can't spell her name, has had a problem with one of the actors for quite a while. He never comes to practice, which means I've had to run his lines a few times to fill in. Well, on Wednesday before practice, our assistant director Cortny was telling me about how he had been threatening to quit the play if coach yelled at him one more time. I said, "Hey, if he does quit, tell coach I know all his lines." That night he was two hours late to a 2 1/2 hour practice. Coach decided to kick him out, and told me to start practicing the lines.
Bear in mind, this happened THE DAY BEFORE the premier. She decided he could do his part opening night, but on Saturday I'd be doing it. I got my picture all hung up in the hall alongside the rest of the cast, and started practicing like crazy. On Saturday, I was freaking out. I barely knew the blocking for the part (read: where to stand on stage), and I had crazy nerves. I was also supposed to do a German accent for the character, one of the only accents I can't do. I decided to try a very snooty, affected English accent at the last minute, and delivered my first line (introducing my character) perfectly. After such a good start I figured I had it down, I mean it was starting to make - Wait, what? Was that my line I just missed? Why is everyone staring at me? Yeah, I forgot my next line. I delivered it about ten seconds late, without standing up or using the accent. From that point on, I was a bit too quiet, and I completely lost the accent. Still, all in all, I didn't horribly ruin the play. I suppose that's not too bad after only two days of practice with zero stage time.

Going out of chronological order, the first night went well. I barely screwed the lights up at all, and the actors did a great job. The best part of the night, however, was going to Denny's afterward. It's a tradition in our club, a tradition I missed out on last year due to illness. I ordered the infamous Cheese Melt Sandwich, along with pancake puppies and ice cream. To wash it all down, I had about three of these drinks that were an incredibly delicious mix of Sprite and pineapple-orange juice. Needless to say, by the time we left I was sick as a dog. As my friend Tanner described it, I felt "juicy". To put it as another friend worded it, we were all fruited out.

All in all, I'm really glad I chose to rejoin drama club this year. It was way more fun than the year before, and I got to hang out with some awesome people I wouldn't have otherwise met. In addition, I got to write an epic blog post! You're all welcome.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Weekend

OK, today I must post about last weekend, because this weekend is going to be yet another blog-worthy time. It's the school play, which is guaranteed to be interesting (not to mention it has a special, amazing, fantastic twist!)

But I digress. Last weekend was, of course, the weekend of Halloween. Not much happened Friday, other than me wearing my red skinny jeans for the first time in about six months. Actually, French Club (a social club of which I am a member) had a bake sale that day. I brought in my snack (chocolate-chip cookie bars), dropped them off at the table, and went about getting my books and leaving them in first hour. After that, I headed back down to the table to buy some hot chocolate. While I was standing in line, our principal came up to Gabby and me and asked, "Are you two in French Club?" When we told him we were, he said, "Good, get behind the table and help." We got trapped into working, and they ran out of hot chocolate before I got any. Well, I at least got to be really late to first and second hour.

On Saturday, Bobby and I went to see the local theater production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. After I went last year, he became quite envious and wanted to go if they put it on again this year. I didn't think they would do it two years in a row, but apparently it was popular enough last year to do an encore. It was a great show, with more jokes and departures from the movie than last year. The tickets were a bit pricey, but I'd say it was well worth it.

Sunday was, of course, Halloween. This year was the first year I haven't gone trick-or-treating, which was sad. Of course it was a bummer not to get all the free candy, but that wasn't the only reason. It was just weird in a general sense. I feel mature, which is good but strange. Anyway...

Instead of going door to door and begging candy, I went to Gabby's house and passed out candy with her. She lives in town, so her house actually gets people. That's something I've never experienced, having spent all of my memorable life in the country. It was very fun, even though trick-or-treating hours in town were from 5 to 7. Ridiculous, right? I think a curfew on Halloween is stupid in general, but at 5 it's not even dark yet. How lame is that?

Well, that sums it up for last weekend. Tomorrow is the premier for the play, plus the drama club's traditional trip to Denny's (which I am really looking forward to). Saturday is going to be the showing that's more important to me, for reasons I'll give in my next post. Saturday is also the cast party, which is great. Last year I couldn't go to either Denny's or the party, because I was super sick. Swine flu sucked...

Well, time has certainly flown whilst typing this. I'll make sure to update you on how the play goes!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Corn Fight! seems I'm another weekend short of my posting schedule. Oh, well, lets look at the next chronological week according to my posting (the one before Halloween weekend).

The Friday of that weekend, I went to a Halloween party. I probably mentioned having gone to the same party last year, thrown by my then-girlfriend Courtney. This year I went without a date, as Gabby was unable to go. I must say, the party was just as fun this year as it was last year. As soon as I showed up, my annoying locker partner Jon and I started jumping on the trampoline in 50 degree weather, which quickly caused others to get on as well. It ended up being myself, Jon, and my friends Kyle and Halie. I'm pretty sure we maxed out the weight limit, which was kind of freaky considering it was pretty old and there were holes in the fabric. I almost fell off at one point, and put my leg up to the knee into a gap in the springs. I ripped a big hole in my jeans and bruised my shin, but that was it.

When it got dark, everyone piled onto the hay wagon Courtney's parents set up and headed to a local corn maze. I originally set out with a group of people to try and find all the stations in the maze, but soon Kyle suggested something way more awesome. "You guys wanna have a corn fight?"

Kyle, Jon, and I started throwing corn across the field at another group of guys we knew would be willing to fight, and soon it was in full swing. Towards the start of the fight I had to, ahem, use the bathroom, and shouted to Jon and Kyle, "Cover me, I gotta pee!" This was, in retrospect, a bad idea. I tried to move out of range of the corn, but pretty soon there were ears flying by me on all sides. To make matters worse, Jon and Kyle ran by me screaming, "Run away! Run away!!" in their best Monty Python voices. Apparently, the other team had began throwing entire stalks, which I discovered myself after one nearly hit me. I finished my business and ran out of the corn, trying to catch up with Jon and Kyle while the others were moving in closer.

Pretty soon, the shells started to fall. Jon disappeared, and Kyle and I were being hunted two to one. We could see the others by the masks they were wearing, which glowed brightly in the full moon. I kept refusing to retreat, despite Kyle's protests, and despite the fact I was getting hit in the arms and chest. Well, while trying to get someone a few rows over, Jon's brother Will flanked Kyle and I and started running at us, chucking corn the whole way. Kyle ran, and I tried to keep him back by returning fire. When I turned to launch an ear, "BAM!" I was hit right in the face.

Now, believe me when I say harvest corn is as hard as a rock. I was hit in the lip, and started spitting out blood as well as what looked like teeth. I ran after Kyle, trying to avoid getting hit more. When we got out of danger's way, I had him check my face with a flashlight. The entire right side of my chin and lower lip was gashed up pretty bad, but I hadn't lost teeth. It turns out pieces of corn are the same exact shape and texture as teeth. It was pretty funny when Will came up and said, "Holy S**t, are those teeth?" He got hit in the face too, with a black eye to prove it, so I wasn't too worried about revenge.

My lip is still healing, and my chin was pretty nasty looking for a few days after the party. When I got in the car after the party, my mom took one look at me and said, "What did you do?" when I told her, she just shook her head and said, "Guys are idiots."

The next day, I went to a haunted house with Joe. It was quite a bit of fun, although I doubt you want a blow-to-blow description, as this is already a super-long post. Honestly, if you make it this far, I'm super impressed. Drop a comment and I'll give you an award.

As for Halloween Weekend, well, it looks like that's going to be another post on another day. Soon, considering I need to catch up. Sooo, until next time...