Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chicago, Day Two

Ahh, yet another glorious day in Chicago. After a totally tasty breakfast, we set out to embark on our second day of tourism.

Our plan for today was to visit all of the cool shops they have around here. Our first stop was a Burlington Coat factory, since my mom wanted to pick up a warmer coat. I was looking at the men's coats as well, because I was sort of trying to find a coat like the Ramones all wore. I did find one, but it was way too expensive to justify. My mom's friend, however, told me he had an old biker jacket just like it that he outgrew. He wanted to get rid of it, so he would feel better about getting a new one. To make a long story short, I currently look and feel like a Ramone.

Our second stop was a furniture store, because they are redecorating and wanted to check some stuff out. This place was awesome. All the furniture in there fit my tastes, which is rare. They had one chair that was basically a unicycle sans-wheel, with pedals that rotated and everything. It was sweet.

We then went to eat, and after that visited two more shops. The first was a toy shop of sorts, that Eve Noir would have loved. It was entirely those weird little doll-like plastic models, most of which were odd in one way or another. The other shop was a comic book store, and it was pretty cool. I never really got involved in any comic books, because there are absolutely no shops near us that sell them, but they still had some sweet stuff. They even had a Cthulhu statue!!!
Next, another record store. This place had new in addition to used, but of course there are relatively few people still recording on vinyl. I got Road to Ruin by the Ramones, which is still in it's original vacuum wrap.

On to the entire reason for visiting Chicago: Spamalot. If you enjoy the film, but aren't sure if you want to spend the money to see a live version, I strongly recommend it. The lines are different, the jokes are better, and it has an entirely different plot. I laughed the whole way through. It was very well done, and involved audience participation.

I know you're probably going to be getting sick of my tales of the windy city soon, but that's just too darn bad.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Chicago, Day One

Wow. I have A ton of stuff to say about the windy city, and I've only been here for 12 hours. For room and time constraints, I'm going to have to leave out all meals, and recap them in a later post.

After we were picked up from the train station, ate lunch, and got to where we were staying, we went with my mom's friends to get dinner and go to the concert. We arrived pretty early, so they decided to take us to a few stores first. Specifically, used record and book stores. As soon as I heard that, I woke up from my slight doze and focused in on everything said, suddenly excited and energetic about getting where we were going. We got to the first store, and as soon as we walked in I knew I was going to lose a lot of money very quickly. A quick glance at the cassette tape rack confirmed these thoughts, as I noticed tons of tapes I would like to own. I walked over to the record display, and nearly fell over. Right there, at the very front of the rack, was an LP of the Boomtown Rats' first album. I grabbed it up, and was overjoyed by the price I read, only 5 dollars. I flipped through the selection frantically, discovering another Boomtown Rats album as I did. There were no other records I was interested in, but that was no matter.

I turned to the tape rack again, this time prepared to take in the full array. I walked away from it holding 5 nearly-new tapes, all of which I'd been wanting for some time. Well, really, I found 7 I wanted, but my mother made me put 2 back. Darn.

After we left there and ate, it was time to proceed to the Blue Man Group concert. How shall I sum that up? Really, I'm not sure if that's even possible. It was...incredible. Like a combination of Rock music and comedy, it made me laugh from the beginning to the end, with no pause. I actually got really close to a few of them, because I was lucky enough to have an aisle seat. My mom had a bit of an issue with the enormous amount of toilet-paper they used during the finale, but I'm sure they had to recycle it. I was somewhat glad I wasn't one of the "lucky" people chosen to go up on stage, but I'm also a bit disappointed. It looked, although humiliating and sometimes painful, really cool. My band teacher actually got to do the Twinkie bit when she went to see them in Las Vegas, and she got a bunch of free stuff.

Well, there you have my first day in Chicago. Expect updates.

The Windy City Awaits

I dare you to try and guess where I am right now. Nope, not school. Not home, either. The library, you ask? No, they would kick me out for skipping class. Give up? I'm on a train! Pretty cool, right? Thank goodness for wireless Internet! I got on at 6 this morning, and we're getting off around lunch. The crazy thing is, if I was at school today, it would only be the passing time between 2nd and 3rd hour. I was dead tired earlier, but now I'm just bored. Obviously, there's no one online right now. Everyone else is busy getting an education to try and become a benefit to society.

I'm really excited about Chicago. Tonight, we're going to see Blue Man Group, tomorrow Spamalot, and Sunday we're going to a Chinese New-Year parade. We haven't figured out exactly what to do throughout the day yet, but I'm sure it will be easy enough to pass the time. I'm blasting the Violent Femmes right now, because they always remind me of Chicago.

The only issue I can possibly foresee with this trip is missing my friends, especially Ashley. I said I'd try and call her, but the busy schedule I've got set up currently will make that difficult. I won't be able to really get a chance to IM at all, because all of the main attractions I'll be seeing are evening things (Spamalot, BMG, etc.). Still, I'll try and have fun.

It's Chicago, how could I not have fun?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Hair!!

Currently, I'm a little freaked out. I just got a haircut, and although they didn't take much off, it's totally creepy feeling. I went from Joey Ramone to Bob Dylan in a matter of 30 minutes. OK, there's a chance of exaggeration there, but my point remains. I'm not a fan of getting my hair cut, but this time even I knew I needed it. I couldn't see very well, and it was bugging me. However, just because I need to clear up around my face doesn't mean I need to get a trim in the back as well.
Today was rather uneventful, at school. After school I walked to the library with Ashley, and had a lot of fun. The weird part was, later today my mom and I went to a different branch of the same system. At the one I walked to with Ash, I got a book by Mark Twain, the name of which I can't remember. At the second branch, I got the books The Omen and Good Omens, the second being a parody of the first. I've heard how good The Omen is, and I've been wanting to read it for a while. Actually, I first heard how good it is while listening to a review of it's parody, which is somewhat ironic. I'm a fan of one of the authors of the parody, the reason for my listening to a review of it. To be totally truthful here, I wasn't even aware The Omen was a book before it became a movie. No, I haven't seen either movie.
Why must the Internet be devoid of other people tonight? I leave you with that.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chicago Calls

Well, turns out the free day I wrote about yesterday isn't until Friday, for some odd reason. I'm not going to be at school on Friday, so I pretty much get the short end of the stick. Although, they won't be getting to use my Guitar Hero anyway, so I guess the bitter side of me is fulfilled.
As a matter of fact, I won't be at school the next Monday, either. Would you like to know why? No? Too bad, it's my blog. I'm going to Chicago!! It's been two years since I've been in Chicago, and I can't wait. We're going to see the play Spamalot, in accordance to my Monty Python fandom. We also will be going to see Blue Man Group perform, which we missed out on last time. Finally, in addition to that, we'll get to enjoy all of the obligatory good eats that are found in the windy city, as well as all of the sweet shops. The ironic thing is, Spamalot is coming to Detroit for two weeks after we get back, so our excuse to go is a little less substantial.
We're taking the train down there, which is a really cool experience. It's pretty much 8 or 9 hours of sitting around, reading, chatting, and having a good time. Also, the people you'll find on a train are often way cooler than most people, so starting up conversations is a snap. Last time, we sat next to an interesting (and incredibly annoying) dude who, in between strummings on his guitar, told anyone willing to listen his life story. Yes, he brought a guitar. The amusing thing was, you could totally tell about 80% of his tale was complete fiction. If you've never taken a train before, I highly recommend it next time you're not in a hurry. It's a really cool part of the vacation, in my opinion.
What's that? Will I be bringing my guitar on the train? Good question. No, for two reasons. First is, I have an electric, and can't play anyone else's guitar because of my left-handedness. Second, I'd really rather not be an attention-starved tale-teller like the dude we sat by two years ago was.
Someday, though...who knows?

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Day In The Life

Good morning, readers. I had fun at the dance, although it was somewhat lame. There were a bunch of little 6th and 7th graders there, sitting around awkwardly. Other than Ashley and Alix, no one I knew was really there. The D.J. was somewhat crappy, too. His first offense was playing You Shook Me (All Night Long) as a sound check. Then, he only played one slow song, st the very beginning. Really, if you want to get nit-picky, it wasn't even a slow song, but that's what the dude announced it as. Still, despite all things against it, I did have fun.
Tomorrow in 6th hour we're playing Guitar Hero, which is quite anticipated (at least by me). Technically, it's a free day in the gym as a sort of break from Exams, but those of us less than athletically inclined convinced the teacher to let us set up a TV in the corner of the gym. I can't wait to demonstrate my mad skills, the kind only obtained by spending most of my summer playing non-stop. Product of a wasted childhood? Probably. Really cool? Definitely.
I'm having a bit of a hard time finding books to read. I think the Twilight series ruined all other books for me, which stinks. After I finished them, I read a few Discworld books, then moved on to On The Road, which sat on my bookshelf for about half a year before I finally got around to finishing it. I checked out two Kurt Vonnegut books and Catcher In The Rye from the library, and wound up not reading either of the Vonnegut books. The other one was pretty good, but when I tried recommending it to a friend, I discovered our school library doesn't carry it. Figures, I suppose.
Is that the school bell I hear? Why, yes it is!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bust A Move!

Good day, everyone. I'm sitting here, checking my E-mail and watching crappy children's programming, when I decided to post. I'm going into town in about half an hour, to return a stack of CDs to the library. Since I've gotten my new MP3 player, I've been going to the library and getting enormous stacks of CDs, to burn to my computer. Yes, it's illegal, but as far as crimes go, it's somewhat minor. Also, I have bought CDs I've checked out from the library in the past, just to get the liner notes.
At 7 tonight, I'm going to a dance with Ashley. I've heard they can be pretty lame, but I think the only reason they have been in the past is because I wasn't there. How can a party be any good if I'm not there? I think it will be cool. The only problem I have with dances is the music they play. I don't like rap and all that stuff at all. I can (kinda) dance to rock, but they don't play much. The point at which they play You Shook Me (All Night Long) is probably my most impressive dancing of the entire thing. Thankfully, I'm going there to have a good time, not impress other people.
So far, only two of the people I chose for the Honest Scrap thing did it...I'll be watching you all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Of Those Funky Awards...

Thank you, Diane, for passing the Honest Scrap thingy on to me. I've no real idea what they are, but I'll take a stab at it anyway. Apparently, I have to write down ten honest things about myself. Well, it can't be that difficult!

1. I'm a Boy Scout. OK, I think you all know that, but I still feel it's somewhat important.

2. I hate talking to people on the phone. If it's the only method of communication available, I'll partake, but I'd really rather just E-mail someone or IM them.

3. I really enjoyed the Twilight series. It's obviously not geared towards me, but I still found it really good.

4. As far as computers go, I'm actually quite inexperienced. I've gotten better, but I still don't get some stuff, especially HTML.

5. I hate waking up in the mornings. 5:30 every weekday. If I was being interrogated, the sound of my alarm clock could probably be used to extract secrets I didn't even know I knew.

6. I'm a victim of the whole Axe scam. I use their products, and all that evil. I'm a teen dude, and those ads do voodoo magic on my brain.

7. I wear black socks. People seem surprised to find that out, for some reason.

8. Even though I'm 14, I still love to play with Legos. Call me a freak if you wish.

9. I'm left-handed. Curse the oppressive right handers, designing tools and stuff I can't use!

10. I don't get cable or satellite. It totally stinks. At our old house we did, but we traded for high-speed Internet. I would rather have this Internet capability, but it stinks to hear about shows I don't get over the air.

Wow, that was harder than it looked. Seriously, in between IMs and searching for my phone, it took me about 2 hours. Now, I get to choose 5 blogs to do this as well. My choices are:

I'd love to hear your ten truthful things. All of you were chosen for a reason, from curiosity to vague threats...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

100th Post!

Sweet! Lots and lots of round numbers today! I knew that today was going to be Boyd's World's 100th post, but I also just noticed my hit counter is at 200 even. That's pretty freaky, in my book.
Well, I've got to suffer through exams today, tomorrow, and Thursday. We have half days, so it's not as unbearable, but they still kind of stink. Today, I have my Social Studies exam, and my Health teacher is just teaching right through them because today is the last day of the class. On Monday, we go straight to EMP, employability skills. Thursday, I have band, which will be pretty easy. I have another class, but it's taught by the same teacher as Health, who apparently doesn't believe in exams. Wednesday, though, is going to be the real nightmare. First, I have Science, which is currently my best subject, but the teacher really pushes our class to the breaking point. Then, the most dreaded class of all, that makes even the toughest of students cringe: Algebra 1. I have an 89.7% percent, and unless I get an A on it, I'll have a B+ in that class. Now, I'm sure that sounds like a good grade to most, but currently I have an impeccable record of all A's in Jr. High. If I manage to keep that going for just 2 more marking periods, I'll be eligible for a really sweet award. I know, blah blah blah, your nerdiness is showing, but its been a goal of mine since 6th grade.
I'm kind of looking forward to EMP, and kind of not. I think it will be a good class, but I have no idea what I want my final career to be. OK, really I want to be a rock star, but that's not an option for me. Well, this one dude did select musician as a career, but he knows how to play guitar, which is useful. I'm my bands singer, not guitarist, and I don't plan on belting it out in front of my entire class. I'm not really even that great of a singer, but that doesn't matter too much when in a rock band. However, when going solo in front of a classroom, it does matter. Big time. I think I'll go for radio D.J., since I know a little about that occupation, and it deals with music. It's not what I plan on being my final job, but it will work for now.
Well, wish me luck on exams...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Day!!

Snow day! Actually, extreme cold day, but I don't feel like getting too technical. I woke up to my alarm, looked at it, and thought to myself, "If it's not a snow day, my mom can come in and wake me up." Turns out, my gamble paid off. Also, my mom teaches at my school, so she gets the phone call when there is no school. As a matter of fact, I almost had her as a teacher this year, but I transferred out of the class. Not that I didn't want to be in her class, but I figured I would be a total jerk the whole hour. Even now, I come into her classroom between hours and steal candy.
So...later today, I'm going to see Grand Turino. I don't think I've ever seen a real Clint Eastwood movie, so I'm kind of looking forward to it. Well, I saw the end of Million Dollar Baby, but I really just wasn't a fan of the movie. Actually, if I don't get my room cleaned, I won't be going, but I think I can post this to my blog, IM, and then get it cleaned. Was that a run-on? Too bad. I think I focus enough on grammar and stuff that it doesn't really matter if I make the occasional mistake.
Guess what? Last night, I went to a school board meeting with my mom because we had helped implement recycling at the school, and I saw my old elementary teacher there. When we walked by, she said hi to my mom, but not to me. I was a little upset, because I was in the office all the time (for good stuff, usually) and she didn't say hi. I already had my suspicions she didn't know who I was, because a few months ago she walked into my Health class, and recognized a kid who left my elementary in 3rd grade. Well, I was determined to figure out if she knew who I was.
During the meeting, she mentioned a thing at the elementary that required volunteers. I need service hours for a requirement in Boy Scouts anyway, so after the meeting I came up to her and asked if I could help out. During the little conversation we had, it became quite obvious she had no clue who I was. Now, I don't exactly blame her, since I practically had a buzz cut when I left 5th grade, and was a lot heavier. Now, I have shoulder-length curly black hair, and although I've technically gained weight, I've also gotten about 10 inches taller, which really slims a person out. I suppose I'll have to mention my name at some point next week during the thing, so she will have some clue who I am.
Well, I've blabbered on for about 45 minutes now, and if I'm gonna make the movie, I need to get some cleaning done...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mindless Writing

Hello, everyone. Yesterday's post seemed a little insignificant, so I think I'll post again today. I'm afraid to say, I haven't exactly been following that book I got too well...apparently, the first step to changing your life is learning how to do one simple task every day. I think I'll try and do a day occasionally, but it seems like a bit of a hard concept. Tomorrow's is the "write a letter to a famous serial killer" day, and I think I'll do that. No, I still haven't decided who. The book actually has a list of them in there, and their mailing addresses (in prison, obviously) so I think it will be one of them. I wonder how much the mail to them has gone up since this book was published? Better yet, do they enjoy getting the mail, or does it upset them? Well, I'm typing mine, with no name or return address, so it doesn't really matter if they like it or not.

I hate those days when you can't type at all. I've been using only the laptop for the last 2 weeks, and now that I'm back to an actual keyboard, the difficulty presented by habit is becoming apparent. Also, sitting on the floor cross-legged while working on the laptop is difficult.
OK, well, this post has gone on long enough. Peeps are online, and they want to talk to me...why keep them waiting?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Death Has A Shadow, Pt. 2

Does anyone remember Death Has A Shadow? Probably not, since it was before anyone started following Boyd's World. Well, it occurred on the way to the gun range, where my grandpa blasted country music, which I'm not a fan of. Well, on the way Sunday, he did it again. This time, though, instead of slowly dying, I tried to figure out the best way to turn all the songs into rock. It was still painful, but at least I didn't nearly die. Once again, my grandma decided to play it as I was trying to work with her dial-up Internet on her crappy computer today.
Woe is the life of Drew, musically.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back To School...

Well, school is back in session. There goes my staying up until midnight and sleeping in until 12... Now I'm back to the whole getting up at 5 thing again.
Scrubs is back on T.V., finally! It moved to ABC, though, and a few changes have been made. First, there must be a new camera man, because there was a lot of poorly done panning and stuff. Second, they fired one of the characters, my favourite, the janitor. Worse yet, we never even got to learn his name! Finally, at the end of each episode, there's a little 2-minute comedy routine thing, kind of like the beginnings of Seinfeld towards the end of the series. It's really fast paced, and kind of lame. There were two new episodes on last night, and the second one was utterly depressing. No plot, other than J.D. and Turk sitting with a dude who is about to die. It was quite morbid, talking all about death and stuff.
Stephen showed me this site on Saturday. It's really cool, and both me and Ashley already have our own channels created. For those of you who won't visit it unless I tell you what it is, Pandora is an online radio station. When you create a profile there, it has you enter the name of a song or artist, then it goes through millions of songs to find ones with similar musical qualities. Apparently, the site was started as a huge project to classify all music by styles and techniques, and lets you see why any particular thing was played. If you don't like something it plays, it will remove it from the list of songs for the station and never play it again. It's totally legal, too, because it just plays the songs, and doesn't download them.
Sometimes, it seems like everything is on this World Wide Web somewhere...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cool Thoughts Inspired By My Party

Well, my awesome party went great. Two people never showed up though, so me and Stephen were the only guys. I had absolutely tons of fun. We got to exchange Christmas gifts, because we couldn't on the last day of school. I got a leather-bound journal that I love, and a sweet Ramones T-shirt that comes with an amusing story.

OK, so on Monday of this past week, my mom and I went into town so I could return a sweater that I had gotten. I asked if I could get a T-shirt from Hot Topic instead of a different sweater, because I had been keeping my eye on a few they had there, a Ramones one and a Cure one. I decided to get the Ramones one, because every rock star needs at least one, right? Well, I got home and logged on so I could burn a few CDs. Alix and Ashley were online, so I IMed them, to see what they were doing. Conversation was pretty much at a standstill, and in order to keep it going, I told them about my new T-shirt. Alix started flipping out, and then told me to describe it. I did, and it turned out she had already gotten me the same exact shirt for Christmas. I started to laugh, and I told her I would return it. We did on Friday, and I got the sweet Cure shirt instead.

The party itself was great too. The basement was actually really nice looking, what with all the lava lamps, disco balls, and Christmas lights I put up. We got the couch, too, and it is really comfy. The basement was pretty much transformed from storage space to party place in a day, and I plan on keeping it the way it is. We hooked my MP3 player up to my guitar amp, and used that for music. Stephen and Ashley brought some music with them ,and assisted me in my goal to fill up all 8 gigabytes of my new MP3 player. I've been going pretty crazy with it, putting almost me and my moms entire CD library on it, and I've made a few trips to the library as well. The weird thing is, I have more of the stuff I kind of like, but less of my all-time favourites. Like, I have 6 Depeche Mode CDs on there, but only one 2-disc Oingo Boingo CD. By the way, Oingo Boingo is great party music, I've discovered. I don't use illegal downloading sites, either, because I know when I'm a rock star, I wouldn't want peeps to use them to get my music. Plus, I don't have administrative powers with this computer, and it won't let me download anything. I can't even use Mozilla Firefox, because I can't download flash player. Yesterday, Stephen showed me some sweet online radio stations, and I think I'm going to start listening to those more often.

Well, I feel as though today I had some rather productive posting. Perhaps, then, I shall end this post. Yup, definitely.