Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Break!

I watched the movie Labyrinth today - man is it weird. I wanted to see it because it has David Bowie in it, and a blogger I follow has a quote from it on her blog that made it seem pretty funny.

Where to even begin? The puppets were actually very good. The visual effects were somewhat decent - especially for the 80's. However, it was so absurdly strange I cannot even describe it. I am actively forgetting it as I type.

Actually, typing this all as it comes into my mind, looking back I kind of enjoyed it. I think the few hours between my viewing of it and my typing of this mellowed it out a bit. The scenes featuring David Bowie were my favourite, of course. He was just the right mixture of creepy and charming.

Today was the last day of school until January 4th! Yay for break! Apparently a lot of classes had free days, but I had two tests and a major project to complete before I got to experience any festive-ness. Oh, and one other thing - in Health class, we had to watch a video of a live birth. The general adjective used by everyone to describe it was "Unnecessary". I agree with that, because I see no reason why they should have to show that. I suppose it is a very good argument for abstinence, the only form of birth control they're allowed to teach.

From 4th hour on, thankfully, I got to put aside learning for the rest of this year. In 4th hour we went to the library and spent the hour reading. OK, to be honest, there was more chit-chatting than actual reading going on.

5th and 6th hour were the school-wide celebration, which was a reward for raising, as a school, over 2 thousand dollars for a local charity. Each classroom had different activities going on in it, and you signed up for them the week previous. I signed up to watch Napoleon Dynamite, a film whose funniness I had forgotten. It was a blast, mostly because I got to watch it with friends.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to go and strum randomly on the acoustic for a while. Happy holidays, in case I don't post again before Christmas!

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