Friday, October 30, 2009


Wow - something freaky happened today. During second hour, the police brought the drug dogs to the school to sniff around and find drugs. I honestly didn't even know they were doing it - until I was pulled out of class.

The vice principal came by my class and said, "I need Drew Morgan." when I came out of the class room, he started walking and told me, "I don't mean to scare you, I know you're a good kid, but the dogs detected something in the group of lockers by yours. If you don't mind, I need to search yours." I knew I had no reason to be freaked out because there was nothing in mine, and I knew my locker partner had nothing, but still...

He pulled my locker partner out of class too, and he opened up our locker. He started pulling our bags and coats out, searching pockets and everything. He was making jokes to try and make us a bit less nervous, but it didn't really work. Neither of us could stop laughing, but it was kind of that "Oh crap" sort of laughter. He moved our books around, made jokes about what was in our lunch boxes, etc.

At one point, he opened my book bag and pulled out this little brown and dusty square of wax paper. It looked very "suspicious", and he said "What's this?" in a rather serious tone. I was trying to think of a way to reassure him it wasn't drugs when he threw it back in and said "Looks like an old muffin wrapper. Gross!"

When he looked in the pocket of my bag I put books I read for enjoyment in, he pulled out one that happened to be in there. Cory (the locker partner) busted out laughing, and I just stood there feeling mortified. I had a copy of the book Sex, Drugs, and Coco-Puffs by Chuck Klosterman in there. The cover art is a cereal bowl full of pills. I said, "Umm, it has less to do with that stuff that you'd think," as he studied it. He said he was just seeing who the author was, because he was an L.A. teacher before being vice principal and had never heard of it. That brought many a laugh in the retelling of the story, believe me.

After we passed the search, he told us to go and wait for him in the office while he conducted the rest of the searches. apparently, he calls your parents even if there's nothing found. Two by two, other people started walking in with a nervous look on their faces.

"You got searched too?"


"Find anything?"


That conversation went on a few times, until all eight people whose lockers were searched came in. One girl said they found Motrin, but she wasn't going to get in trouble for it. Even though everyone was done, the vice principal still took forever. By the time he started making calls, 2nd hour was almost over.

Each call took about 5 minutes, so passing time came and went with us still in the office. Something else happened that required his immediate attention, so he wrote us passes and said he'd call us down when he wasn't busy. We both went to our 3rd hr, Health, and got to retell the epic story a few times before my name came over the intercom. I went down, and he dialed my mom's number. She was in class, so we had to wait as someone was found to babysit her class while she talked on the phone with him. I had to sit there for a good 3 minutes making small talk before she came on the line.

Their conversation went pretty quick, although it sounded like my mom was a little annoyed at having her class interrupted. Later, I found out this was because she was somewhat nervous herself, even though the very first thing said was "Don't worry, Drew's not in trouble."

The rest of the day was pretty much spent making jokes about getting searched. Cory said he's going to bring in dog treats on Monday and keep them in our locker the rest of the year. I think he means it, too.

Now I'm prepared for Halloween; good luck scaring me more than that did!


Diane said...

sheesh. just thinking about you being searched makes me kinda chuckle, knowing what a good kid you are. (of course i don't really "know" you, but i do know this!) but i guess they can never be too careful.

hope you have a fun halloween!

Anonymous said...

I hope if you ever do think of getting into any shady activities you remember that horrible sinking fearful feeling. It's not worth it. That being said, I have complete faith in you!! You make me proud - thanks for being such a great guy!!
(my word veri was demope...hehe)