Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rocky Horror Picture Show Live!

As mentioned in my previous post, there was a performance or Rocky Horror Picture Show Live! that I wished to attend. Now, the tale of said trip.

Since May, I'd known the local performing arts group was doing a theatrical version of RHPS, and I probably mentioned how excited I was about once a week. I wanted to audition for it (wouldn't I make a great Frank-N-Furter?), but it turned out you had to be 18 to get a major part, and I think 16 for a back up singer/actor.

I went with Courtney and our friend Leah, who is absolutely crazy about RHPS. Out of four showings, we could only make it to the Saturday night at 8 due to multiple band things. The theatre it was at allowed audience participation, as long as you didn't throw food items. We all got stuff together to bring, because no one wanted to pay 10 bucks for a premade pack there.

I must say: Courtney did not have fun. Th closest she came to enjoying the show was, "Well, it's better than being at home." It's a bit ironic (or is it just coincidental?), because my uncle and I were talking before the show (he went too) about how his friend used his girlfriend as an excuse not to go, saying she didn't like plays. My uncle thought the dude was lying, because "what girl doesn't want to be taken to a play?" I think RHPS is exempt from that rule, however.

I'd never been to an actual audience participation show before, and it was pretty awesome. I knew people threw stuff, but I hadn't realized everyone would be shouting things at the actors. A lot of the things they said seemed to be pre-planned, as in they say them at every showing. However, other things sounded pretty improv.

In all truth, the play was better than the movie. It had more jokes, and the audience participation was cool. I also enjoyed the fact that the character Rocky had speaking lines in the play. Actually, the Narrator was a close family friend of Leah's, and she had been in a play with the dude who played Frank Furter.

After the play, we were standing around in the lobby waiting for our ride. All the actors were in there, signing autographs and getting hugs and whatnot, and Leah wanted a picture with Frank Furter. She hadn't realized she knew him at that time, so she was deathly afraid of asking him for a picture. "You ask," she kept saying over and over again. Eventually, after listening to her say over and over how much she would regret not getting the picture, I asked him fro her. While he had his arm around her, I had difficulties with the camera phone, leading him to comment about "Poor dear must be so frightened, with this scary dude putting his arm around her for so long." Eventually I got the picture, and he wandered off for the next group of people. He was totally in character the whole time, which was slightly frightening.

Does anyone else have any cool RHPS viewing stories? From what I've heard, every showing of it is an experience.

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