Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last Weekend

I realized that recently, I haven't been keeping all my dear readers informed of my day to day life. I also realize that I haven't been posting much at all lately, but when I do it's usually about one specific event. So, shall we get on with last weekend?

Last Friday was marching band's last game of the season (as far as I know). I walked uptown before rehearsal, and got totally soaked in the horrible rain. Everyone took shelter at a friend's house, so we chilled there until rehearsal. On rainy days, we practice in the High School gym, which stinks. It's impossible to really get any idea of where to go in there, because the yard lines aren't underfoot for reference. We went into the rain again after rehearsal, to get McDonald's (the Meal of Champions when it comes to band).

The plan was this: if it was raining after half time, the band would march back to the school and take shelter. It was raining the entire time we marched down to the field, and during the first half of our pre-game show. It stopped while we were in the stands, which was nice. It wasn't too cold out, so almost everyone took off their raincoats. It started raining again just as we marched onto the field for half time, but stopped during our second song.

Because it wasn't raining when we came off the field, our teacher told us we had the 3rd quarter to wander around and that we had to be in the stands for the 4th. During the said wandering, the skies opened up again. Everyone was running about, looking for raincoats, taking shelter under trees and umbrellas. We quickly got into parade block, hoping to be allowed to run back to the school chaotically, but we were forced to march. It was a long, long walk. When we got into the school, everyone had to hang their uniforms on the back of a chair to dry them. I was soaking underneath my uniform too, without a change of clothes. Still, it was a very fun experience.

On Saturday, I awoke to discover the fact my wallet was missing. I had left it (and my Aquafina Chapstick - Oh no!) in my uniform jacket. Well, it's not like I had any money anyway. Actually, the first thing on my schedule was going to work, to hopefully replenish said wallet. I've found I like working on Saturdays, before major evening events; it keeps me from spending the day talking about how excited I am for whatever I'm doing later.

The major event this Saturday was Courtney's Halloween party. I never actually received an invite, but since she had called me before setting the date to make sure I could make it, I figured I was invited. It went from 5 to 11 PM, which seemed like an incredibly long time for a party. she invited tons of people, and about 17 people came. Compared to my last 2 parties, where only 2 people showed up,this was pretty impressive.

It turned out the reason for the long hours was that everyone there was going on a hayride to a corn maze when it got dark. The hayride was kind of a bad idea in retrospect, considering most people weren't dressed warm enough for the 40 degree weather. It was also kind of illegal, since there were 17 people riding on an open trailer - no railings or cap - down major roads. It was just as bad on the way back, but we supposedly took a shortcut that time. I say "supposedly" because it still seemed like way too long of a ride.

The maze itself wasn't as horribly cold, because a) we weren't in the back of a moving vehicle and b) the corn blocked out some of the wind. Apparently, our group was supposed to supply it's own flashlights, but no one brought any. The people in charge of the corn maze had a few to let us borrow, but we ended up having to take the strobe lights off the back of the truck and carry them around. My group of five originally had a normal flashlight, but we ran into one of the groups with a strobe and they MADE us trade. They were getting majorly freaked out by the silence and the flashing, apparently. We took it, and turned it up as high a possible so there wasn't too much darkness between each flash. I don't think anyone in our group was scared by them, just annoyed by the whole "even more difficult to see" thing.

There were six stations throughout the maze, each with a "you are here" map on it. We also had maps, but they weren't of much use because we didn't look at them. The maze was enormous, and apparently in the shape of a stack of pumpkins. Everyone kept saying, "We're going in circles, we've already been here!" I'm sorry, how can you tell? IT'S CORN! Everything looked exactly the same to me. We only found three of the stations, and two of those we found by following other groups around.

The next day, was working a concession stand out at the gun club to try and raise money for our band's trip to Disney next year. Honestly, the concession stand isn't bringing much money in. We're a little over breaking even, but no where near where we thought we'd be. It\s kind of a boring job to do, as well.

After that was all done, Joe and I went on our annual haunted-house trip. This year, all the ones we normally go to were closed (because it was a Sunday). Instead, we went to one about an hour away, that was very professionally done. There weren't many actors, but the ones that were there would follow you around for a few rooms. At the end there was a dude with a chainsaw, which is always the thing that scares me the mot. The only way out of the room he was in was through a black-hole tunnel, one of those things where you're on a little bridge that goes through a brightly light tunnel that rotates. Joe had apparently never been in one, because he was totally freaked out by it. Both of us walked leaning to one side for about 5 minutes after it, because it really got into your head.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome weekend. Oh, and I finished this post just in time for the next weekend!

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