Saturday, August 29, 2009

Record Player Needle!

Hey everyone - guess what? I finally got a new needle for my record player! I broke the old one back while school was still in session, and even before that the speed setting on the player was broken. In essence, it's been forever since I've been able to listen to any of my records.

I had hoped to be able to find a needle for my record player while I was in Chicago; I had no idea how hard of a task that would be. See, I was under the impression there were a few different kinds of needles, but they were basically universal. Boy, was I wrong. After being rejected at a few different stores, I decided I would just try and find one online - again, a very difficult task. I discovered a nice company that "carries every needle made since 1930", and set out to find mine on there. This involved running up and down the basement stairs about five times, because I kept forgetting either the company's name or the model number. Eventually, I found the manufacturer and started browsing inventory. Of course, they didn't have my exact model. I gambled and got a look-alike, with a similar model number.

Despite the site saying it would take 1-2 days after shipping, a week later I still had no needle. I was getting upset, and relieved to see an email from the seller. Turns out the guy misread my address, and I had to spell out all the numbers for him. Fast forward 5 more days, and I got the needle! Yay!

Needless to say, I'll be spending a lot of my time hanging out in the basement, listening to the awesome sound of vinyl and playing pool and video games. Hey, it's better than playing "bejeweled" for four hours straight!


Eve Noir said...

Very cool Drew. I'm bummed because my record player basically broke a couple months ago. Of course when I want to use it more...was in the moved up to my art room...then died! ugh!

btw: i'm getting really obsessed with pink floyd these days. more so with SYD BARRETT. totally obsessed i should say. been doing some things on my blog of him here & there (my header is him right now). i wasn't sure how much you liked i just wanted to give you a lil' fyi.

take care & have fun listening to your vinyl~

xox, eve

*Tenley said...

Yeah, it kind of does that sometimes. (Just Like Heaven I mean.) And congratulations on finally getting your needle!

Just a side note: I'm completely jealous of your ability to play pool. My mom refuses to get a pool table, and as soon as I move out, I'm getting one!