Monday, February 18, 2008

You're quite an induhvidual!

First off, I did not spell induhvidual wrong. Anyone familiar with scott adams would know its an insult to a person of lesser intelligence. I will now present you with a tale from the Duh side......

When i recently went to a B B king concert, a friend pointed out to me all the ushers had those cool wind up flashlights. Later, when telling another friend, the friend in question said, " well, that would make sense, because if there was a poweroutage..." At this point she stopped, realizing exactly what she had just said.

the person in question is not an induhvidual, which made it all the funnier.


Who else likes to read? Reading is awsome! As you can tell from my posts and my profile, i'm pretty enthusiastic about books. I believe in getting kids to read as much as possible.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weird Al

Who else likes weird Al? He is the most hilarious song writer ever. White And Nerdy is like an anthem to me. I own 4 of his tapes and 2 CD's, and i hope to get more. Can't talk now:)

B. B. King!

Guess what! I went to a B. B. King concert yesterday! It was an awsome concert, too. I'm trying to go to as many concerts of his as possible, cause of his, well, advancing age.
something freaky happened there, though. Okay, like, first a started smoking something, which wasted about five minutes of the concert, because all the security people were searching for him, and then telling him to put it out. They were useing the F-bomb alot too, which surprised me. After he put it out, the show went on for about 45 min., till the same inconsiderate jerk lit up again. The security swarmed him, and in the end about 5 people got kicked out. 2 of them ran out screaming obcenities at the adience, at the rest were " escorted" out shouting at the security and annoying everyone. at one point, i was freaking out and grabbing my coat incase i needed to get out fast. The people were literally 20 rows away, and drowned out B B completely.
It was an awsome concert though.

Friday, February 15, 2008

More on TV shows and an unrelated game

You know another type of show thats never on except for really late at night? shows like Monty Pythons Flying Circus. Like, MAD tv is on at 10, and Flying Circus is on PBS at 9 to 12, but thats about it. Y?
On an unrelated note, have you ever noticed how fun it is to describe something only existing in two states, such as how teachers look upon students:
1. Agreeing
2. Totally wrong
Try it with some one you don't like, or even better, someone you do like, or even yourself. Post it, cause I am, despite popular belief, interested.

What Are You Listening To?

What Kinds of music do the readers of this listen to? I usually listen to alternative, and sometimes classic rock. My fav bands are: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Boomtown Rats, The Doors, REM, The Beatles, Etc. I like Classic rock because it usually has a story and doesn't involve people screaming into a mic as the main feature of the song. I like alternative because it usually has a great political undertone, and really reflects the problems of society at the time.
Hello, And welcome to BOYDSWORLD!!!!!!!
There's never anything on TV anymore, is there? I mean network stations, not cable channels. They're still good. But seriously, there used to be cool stuff like Star Trek and Knight Rider.
Speaking of Knight Rider, who else is excited about NBC's made for TV Knight Rider movie? I'm totally going to watch it.
Other than that, however, there's nothing on. Like, I've heard about UHF stations, and how they always had cool stuff on them, but TV isn't like that anymore. There are maybe 7 shows I'm interested in watching, and they're only on at, like, 10 at night. And nowadays plots are so complicated if you miss one episode you are completely befuddled.
Cable and satelite are awsome though. I love comedy central. Who's with me? Sci Fi is ok every once in awhile, but alot of their stuff is corny and even more complicated than what i was talking about earlier. They do play startrek alot, but its only Enterprise, which is ok, but not the best.
Discovery channel Has some cool shows, like Mythbusters. Man i love that show. I also enjoy the gameshow on there, CashCab. And How its Made.