Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Subservient Chicken!

Check this out:

I found out about this somewhere around four years ago on a geocaching forum board, and promptly forgot about it. I remembered it the other day after watching a VHI program on the 40 most popular things on the net. I went to the site again, and I was glad to see the same guy standing in his living room, wearing a chicken costume, following your every order.

Apparently, it's a promotional thing for Burger King, but that doesn't change how cool it is. The general idea is that you go to the site and type in a command, and a pre-recorded video of the guy doing what you told him will appear. Obviously, he won't do anything risque, or anything so odd the people filming it wouldn't think to have him do it, but he will do a lot of different things.

Just felt like you all needed to know.

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Anonymous said...

Hey a chicken that eats carpet!!