Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Morning, Mr. President

Guess what? I just got elected class president! I'm the only non-popular person to have been elected this year, so I'm in charge of a meeting of preps. For the past few years, the preps have been getting all the good breaks, because they made up the class officers. This year, those of us who aren't willing to sell emotions for popularity will be getting some good deals because I'll be representing them. I think part of my victory may be the fact I handed out campaign buttons and had good posters, but it could be more than that. I like to think this is the year when popularity will not prevail.

Preps, jocks, and the untouchable popular people annoy me. At summer camp, I was talking to a prep in my troop who said that his group wouldn't hang out with a kid just because he was fat. I now view that person in a totally different light, and not a good one. How conceited can you possibly be? I would rather be universally hated than become that way.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is the second time I've been on your blog! Oh yeah and good luck with the preps... oh yeah the preps are totally my best friends![sarcasm]
Yeah and the 42 number thing, and the
weird salmon book, i remember.

Anonymous said...

omg alix just told me about this blog ur really good @ writing i mean big WORDS haha and i totally agree about the populars have selling their souls and emotions lol

Unknown said...

hey good job on class president. high school is fun but the homework never ends.