Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Bored

I don't mean to sound like I did in my very first post, but why is there nothing good on T.V.? I've been sitting around for hours, watching reruns of The icredible Hulk and MAD TV. Now, don't get me wrong, they're both great shows, but after the first hour or so, they can get mind-smashingly boring. Now I'm watching The Colbert Report, listening to news from just long enough ago that I've already heard it and don't really care.
The programs aren't all that's annoying, either. The TV I'm watching cuts off the edges of the picture by half an inch, and does this weird jittery thing whenever the picture gets slightly darker in shade than white. I would replace it, but the opening for the cabinet is a really funky size, and I can't find one that shape.
The TV isn't all that's defective, either. The computer I'm writing to you dear readers on is a windows 98, and won't let me do alot of stuff I need to, such as acess the toolbar, or use keystrokes. I only have dialup, so I'm quite worried about this whole article being eaten somewhere between the composition pane and the blog page. I've got to go, because the computer is threatening to disconnect, and I'd end up smashing the computer. That would suck, partially because it's not mine.

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Anonymous said...

Who are u kiddin, mtv doesn't get boring! I can watch it for twelve hours straiht, reality tv shows are my life... but then again that means i'm a sad person with no life... j/k