Monday, June 23, 2008

Guitar Hero and pointless whining

Guitar Hero is awesome, isn't it? Unfortunately, I only own # 2, but I really want Rocks The 80's. If only I could learn to play guitar for real. I own 2 electric guitars, and I have unlimited access to an acoustic, but I still haven't figured out the most important thing - how to play. I want lessons, but I only make 20$ a week, which clearly is not enough. I ask people if they know how to play, and quite often they say yes. When I enquire further, however, it turns out they can just " make cool noises". When did that become the definition of knowing how to play? None of my friends play anything either, so even if I learn how to play, I still can't form a band because no one else will be able to do anything.


Unknown said...

i understand your problem.if you have access to the internet there is lots of free guitar lessons to get you started,and getting a band is hard to do if no one can i the only one commenting. i hope not

Anonymous said...

yup, i'm going to learn guitar sometime... when i do we should start a band!