Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boyd's Very First CD Review

Hello, lovely readers! I believe it's time for my very first CD review, which is a CD whose name I don't even know. I DO know it's by AFI (which stands for "A Fire Inside) and has the song Miss Murder on it. Before I even start, let me just say I have a slightly biased opinion of AFI and bands like it. I was raised to not like them. Deal with it.

The first thing I noticed was the volume. I listened to it while mowing the lawn, and I actually had to turn it down. That's usually the first sign of something being too loud. After we get past the extremely loud volume, there's the actual instruments. I'll start with the singing: it sucked. It sounded like some whiny rich kid expressing just how much it stinks to be a famous rock star with millions of fanatical followers. The percussion was, in theory, very good, but had two idiosyncrasies: it was overbearing and was totally the same in each song. Now, if the first issue wasn't a problem, it wouldn't matter about the second, because all it would be there for was to keep time. When you start to turn up the volume of the drums though, you need to have something different in each song. The guitar was, surprisingly, quite good, and if it wasn't overpowered by the drums, it would have contributed to the music quite a bit.

The overall impression I got of the band and it's music was this: they have totally been shaped by popular culture, and not the other way around. The way I judge whether a band is really successful is whether or not they have shaped how we see the world. According to this, AFI is totally unsuccessful. They have no reason to be depressed goths, but they are because they think it's cool. If they broke out of the mold, they could be successful by my definition. Will they? I doubt it.

Overall, I give this album a...

three out of five

The reason it got that high of a rating is because I saw potential in them.

Next week, I'll be reviewing The Clash: Combat Rock.

see you then!

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Unknown said...

hmmm i like your use of descriptive language. nice blog. i might start one of my own!!! you need to set a standard for all bands though b4 you critize.