Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello, And welcome to BOYDSWORLD!!!!!!!
There's never anything on TV anymore, is there? I mean network stations, not cable channels. They're still good. But seriously, there used to be cool stuff like Star Trek and Knight Rider.
Speaking of Knight Rider, who else is excited about NBC's made for TV Knight Rider movie? I'm totally going to watch it.
Other than that, however, there's nothing on. Like, I've heard about UHF stations, and how they always had cool stuff on them, but TV isn't like that anymore. There are maybe 7 shows I'm interested in watching, and they're only on at, like, 10 at night. And nowadays plots are so complicated if you miss one episode you are completely befuddled.
Cable and satelite are awsome though. I love comedy central. Who's with me? Sci Fi is ok every once in awhile, but alot of their stuff is corny and even more complicated than what i was talking about earlier. They do play startrek alot, but its only Enterprise, which is ok, but not the best.
Discovery channel Has some cool shows, like Mythbusters. Man i love that show. I also enjoy the gameshow on there, CashCab. And How its Made.

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