Sunday, February 17, 2008

B. B. King!

Guess what! I went to a B. B. King concert yesterday! It was an awsome concert, too. I'm trying to go to as many concerts of his as possible, cause of his, well, advancing age.
something freaky happened there, though. Okay, like, first a started smoking something, which wasted about five minutes of the concert, because all the security people were searching for him, and then telling him to put it out. They were useing the F-bomb alot too, which surprised me. After he put it out, the show went on for about 45 min., till the same inconsiderate jerk lit up again. The security swarmed him, and in the end about 5 people got kicked out. 2 of them ran out screaming obcenities at the adience, at the rest were " escorted" out shouting at the security and annoying everyone. at one point, i was freaking out and grabbing my coat incase i needed to get out fast. The people were literally 20 rows away, and drowned out B B completely.
It was an awsome concert though.

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